Wasserkraft Büro Corporate identity
Our aim was to develop name and corporate identity for a company which is one of the largest organizations in the Ukrainian market, specializing on the manufacturing and selling of water, heat supply and drainage equipment.  Whereas the company provides the entire package of professional services including the development of projects, we had to distinguish our client company from the range of competitor companies which sell similar equipment only.

The key point in Wasserkraft Büro’s work is directing the water flow.
So we put the water flow pattern on every detail (from paper clip to the factory logo) to show unique Wasserkraft Büro identity style. Water flows through the logotype the same way water flows through the equipment that Wasserkraft Büro installs. The company’s got the name which is best to denote its sphere of activity and accentuate that Wasserkraft Büro is an engineering bureau.
Kakadu Awards / Shortlist / 2012
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