Autobrain, a trailblazer in vehicle technology, needed a brand identity as smart and friendly as their product. Their mission: to simplify car safety and monitoring, making it accessible for everyone. The challenge was to encapsulate this mission into a visual language that resonates with their diverse clientele.
The Process
At Good!Good!Brands, we embarked on a journey to craft an identity that mirrors the ease and positivity of using Autobrain. We delved into understanding the essence of Autobrain, a brand that transforms car safety into a user-friendly, accessible tool.
Our inspiration? The product itself – a device that promises peace of mind for car owners. The result was a vibrant, approachable brand persona, encapsulated by a smiling car logo, embodying Autobrain’s commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. This logo became the cornerstone of our design philosophy – making safety approachable and friendly.
The Solution
We developed a full spectrum of branding materials, starting with the logo – a cheerful, smiling car, symbolizing the brand's approachable and positive nature. This was complemented by a bright and positive color palette, reflecting the ease and joy of using Autobrain products.
Our team designed an array of marketing materials, packaging, a user-friendly website, and an intuitive app interface, each featuring custom icons that guide the user through Autobrain's services with ease and clarity.
Walmart Deal: The Game Changer
Post-rebranding, Autobrain's new identity played a pivotal role in securing a game-changing deal with Walmart. This partnership was not just a business milestone; it was a testament to the power of effective branding. Autobrain's products.
The Walmart partnership marked a significant leap in Autobrain’s growth trajectory. The brand witnessed a substantial increase in sales and customer base, affirming the success of our collaborative branding efforts. Autobrain became a household name in vehicle safety, resonating with customers across demographics.
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