Good2Go is a mission-driven enterprise that delivers high-quality, hand-selected, and strong coffee to the most remote US bases in the world, boosting the morale of the troops and creating lasting friendships. We at Good!Good!Brands were honored and excited to work with them on creating a brand identity that reflects their values, vision, and passion.
The Challenge
Good2Go had a compelling story to tell, but they needed a visual language to communicate it effectively. They wanted a brand identity that would stand out from the crowd, convey their personality and purpose, and appeal to their target audience: the US military personnel deployed in challenging locations. They also wanted a brand identity that would be versatile and adaptable to different media and formats, such as illustrations, packaging, web design, promotional materials, and merchandise.
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The Process
We started by conducting a thorough research on the coffee industry, the US military culture, and the specific needs and preferences of Good2Go’s customers. We also interviewed the founders and staff of Good2Go to understand their vision, values, and goals. Based on our findings, we developed a brand strategy that defined the core elements of Good2Go’s identity: their mission statement, value proposition, brand personality, tone of voice, and target audience.
Next, we moved on to the creative phase, where we explored different concepts and directions for Good2Go’s visual identity. We experimented with various colors, fonts, shapes, symbols, and styles to find the best match for their brand essence. We also created a mood board to capture the look and feel of Good2Go’s brand.
After several rounds of feedback and refinement, we finalized the logo design for Good2Go. The logo consists of a stylized rank insignia containing a coffee cup in the form of letter G and a star inside, as a reference to the US.
The Outcome
Once we had the logo design ready, we proceeded to create the rest of the brand identity elements for Good2Go. We designed a number of illustrations that depict various scenes and scenarios related to Good2Go’s story and mission. We used a fun and humorous style with bright colors and dynamic shapes to create a friendly and engaging visual narrative. We also incorporated military elements (such as weapons or soldiers) and local vibe (for coffee origins) in our illustrations.
We also designed the packaging for Good2Go’s coffee product. We created illustration-based packaging that shows the origin of coffee in a creative and appealing way. For example, we depicted The Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the Kenyan wildlife, and the Hawaiian volcanoes on the respective packages.
We then designed the web design for Good2Go’s website, using responsive and user-friendly layouts and features. We used the same color scheme and typography as in the logo and packaging design, creating a consistent and coherent brand identity across different platforms. We also incorporated some of the illustrations and photos from Good2Go’s operations to showcase their work and impact.
Finally, we designed some promotional materials (such as flyers, posters, stickers) and merchandise (such as mugs, t-shirts, hats) for Good2Go with a specific camouflage pattern made of coffee beans.
The Impact
We are proud to say that our brand identity design for Good2Go was well-received by both the client and their customers. Good2Go reported an increase in sales, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness after launching their new brand identity. They also received positive feedback from their customers who appreciated their quality products, service, and story.
We are happy to have helped Good2Go achieve their goals and express their passion through their brand identity. We believe that Good2Go is more than just a coffee company; it is a community of people who share a love for coffee and a commitment to excellence.
Client testimonial
Good!Good!Brands was a one stop shop solution for high quality graphics and the nuances and details and "pop" that really makes the difference in the perception of your brand and business. It is difficult to articulate the difference between high and mediocre caliber graphics but you certainly know it when you see it. Just as G2G is meant to serve the top of the crop for Delta Force, Spec Ops, Raiders, SEALS, and Space Force in actual deployed locales, it needs to have the top talent image of graphical prowess and parameters. Good!Good!Brands is the elite force of graphic design for great value and runs circles around the prices and people of its competitors. 
Chris Rosenkrans, Good2Go
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