Franzos is a restaurant chain that offers delicious flame-grilled piri piri chicken and burgers. With its mouth-watering cuisine, friendly service, and cozy ambiance, Franzos has won the hearts of customers across the UK. But Franzos had a bigger vision: to become a successful franchise with multiple locations. To achieve this goal, Franzos needed a brand identity that would reflect its essence, personality, and values. That’s why they teamed up with us at Good!Good!Brands, a creative design studio that specializes in creating brand identities.
The Challenge
Franzos had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve: to become a leading franchise in the UK, offering delicious flame-grilled piri piri chicken and burgers to customers of all ages and backgrounds. But to realize this vision, Franzos needed a brand identity that would stand out from the crowd, convey their personality and purpose, and appeal to their target audience.
Franzos had an existing logo and name, but they were not distinctive or memorable enough. They also lacked a consistent visual language and communication style across their materials and platforms. They needed a brand identity that would capture the essence of their cuisine, create a unique and memorable experience for their customers, and support their franchise expansion.
The Process
We began by doing a thorough research and analysis to understand the market situation, the competitors, and the customer expectations. We also talked to the founders and staff of Franzos to understand their vision, values, and goals. Based on our findings, we created a brand strategy that outlined the core elements of Franzos’ identity: their mission statement, value proposition, brand personality, tone of voice, and target audience.
The brand strategy involved creating a brand identity that was warm, friendly, playful, and authentic, reflecting the delightful experience customers have when dining at Franzos. We then proceeded to the creative phase, where we tried different concepts and directions for Franzos’ visual identity. We played with various colors, fonts, shapes, symbols, and styles to find the best fit for their brand essence.
We designed custom lettering for their logo, resulting in a logo that exudes warmth and charm and symbolizing the core offering of Franzos. The logo also incorporates subtle curves and angles that suggest movement and dynamism, conveying the passion and energy of Franzos.
We also created a set of delightful illustrated doodles that added a touch of playfulness and charm to the brand. These whimsical drawings adorned various materials, such as menus, packaging, signage, and website, creating a sense of joy and excitement among customers. The doodles featured various characters and objects related to Franzos’ story and cuisine, such as chickens, peppers, grills, forks, and knives. This illustrations became the pattern we used for different brand applications from packaging to website.
We also created the website for Franzos, using user-friendly and responsive design. We followed the same color scheme and typography as in the logo and packaging design, creating a unified and coherent brand identity across different platforms. We also added some of the illustrations and photos from Franzos’ restaurants to highlight their work and impact.
Finally, we designed some promotional materials (such as menu, flyers, posters, stickers) and packaging for Franzos with their logo and doodles on them.
The Outcome
Once we had the brand identity design ready, we proceeded to implement it across all the touchpoints of Franzos’ business. We helped Franzos update their materials and platforms with their new brand identity, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive reception from their customers.
Our brand identity design for Good2Go was a hit with both the client and their customers. Good2Go saw a boost in sales, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness after unveiling their new brand identity. They also got positive feedback from their customers who loved their quality products, service, and story.
The Impact
The brand identity transformation not only improved Franzos’ image and appeal but also paved the way for their franchise expansion. The brand’s cohesive image, along with the mouth-watering cuisine, captivated the hearts of customers, driving the success of the franchise. The success story didn’t stop there, as Franzos expanded its footprint, establishing itself as a thriving franchise with multiple locations across the UK. Franzos also attracted many aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to join its franchise network.
Franzos has proven that a well-crafted brand identity coupled with exceptional cuisine can create an irresistible combination that resonates with customers and fuels franchise growth. With its flame-grilled piri piri chicken and burgers, Franzos continues to leave a lasting impression on food enthusiasts, setting new standards for culinary excellence and memorable dining experiences. We are happy to have helped Franzos achieve their goals and express their passion through their brand identity.
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